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Monday, June 14, 2010

what we learn

It is funny how life teaches us things that we would not learn otherwise isn't it. I wonder sometimes where I would be if life didn't teach me things .... those experiences make me a much better person I think, more skilled and more willing to help others.

Some of my lessons have been:
  • Jobs which make you learn difficult lessons and what you will do better next time
  • Childbirth - no mother is quite the same after or ready to offer so much advice or be quite as judgemental
  • Sick kids - whether small ills or large ones this brings wells of patience you really thought you didn't have
  • Elderly and ailing parents - you learn that you thought that having children and them leaving home it was your turn to fly - but it really didn't - your parents have taken that position of children
  • Marriage - learning to find your way with another person and still come though in tact and in love
  • Divorce - taught me dignity and that people will say what they will say you have no control over that
  • Buying a house - you learn to stand on your own feet and take a calculated risk
  • Leading people - this is very different to managing people - managing is about process you manage things you lead people
  • Vision - you have to have vision or you won't go anywhere but around in circles
  • Girlfriends - are always there no matter what and if you drink wine together all the better
  • Friends - there are many types of friends - some are forever and some are for a season - you need both
  • Success is better than revenge (although you hope people that hurt you are watching !!)
  • Art - comes from the soul and it is yours whatever it is and looks like ...it is yours and speaks about you
  • Money - though money is important it isn't the only thing many people with lots of money are very unhappy.....
  • Spending - sometimes (most times) if something catches my eye and I love it I buy it..... within reason of course. Usually I will still be loving it even after I remember what it cost
  • Presents - it isn't the cost but the thought behind it that matters the most
And the lesson I learnt today:

I have absolutely grown in my art that I reworked a painting and I like it so much better. I have been thinking of reworking it for sometime but didn't really know how. Today I decided to let what I have learnt take flight - and I changed it I think for the better - I will let it settle and dry then you can tell me what you think - I will put both versions up......

So whatever my lessons are...... they are there for a reason. Well that is what I have found and today I had a success...... so now for another glass of something cold and white to celebrate!


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