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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two New Pieces

Well I have finished 2 pieces in the past week which is pretty great I think.... as they sometimes start with an idea, then about halfway I think - what have I done this will never work to finally - I am pretty happy with that!

The prison boab tree was perhaps the easiest of the two - it is a large piece about a metre wide and it always was going to be interesting as it is a formidable subject. One which I didn't want to soften.

Prison Boab Tree - Derby WA

In the 1860s prisoners were walked across the Kimberley's and on the way the soldiers used this tree as a prison.... for an overnight stop near Derby. It has a pretty sad story to tell I guess.

The tree itself is estimated over a 1000 years old and it is marked with the scars of time. Now a fence has been constructed around it - I left it out - an artists privilege I guess, with a sign says that the site is sacred and not to enter. The sign also points out that snakes now inhabit the tree - that was enough to stop anyone going to close !

There are hidden prisoners in shackles, chains, guards and keys in the boab itself within this work. In the shadow are many more images - hidden by paint just as the stories were in real life. In the lighter area on the tree below - you can see a hint of the prison guards keys. There are also some aboriginal prisoners if you look carefully.

The other work I have finished in Rain forest Path, also a large piece 1 metre high, from a photo taken near Lake Eacham on the Atherton Tablelands. The path winds into a rain forest and as you know it is very green, misty and full of interesting plants. A pretty difficult subject to do justice to.....

Rain forest Path - Lake Eacham FNQ

I have added a few fungus and a lily pilly because it really needed it I think. But it is mostly true to life and I am pleased that the path takes you through to the focal point and you want to see what is up there.

The Cairns birdwing butterflies were similar to these green and black ones and so I popped them in there too (purchased these images from the Internet). There are many butterflies hidden through out this piece - in the leaves and behind the scenes..... on the path......

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed them.


1 comment:

  1. I love the severity of the Prison Boab Tree. The Rain Forest Path is absolutely beautiful....it looks like you could just step right through this painting and flutter on down the path with the butterflies :)

    Happy Sunday!