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Friday, March 13, 2009

Small Canvases

Okay I am having a wonderful day today - I bought a few supplies - don't ask me the cost because I would have to lie..... did you know beeswax casts $30 - goodness aren't those bees on a goldmine!

His bat and ball
This is my favourite so so it is pretty cute I think!!

Given to Nics Collection

Anways a few pics to share..... 6 actually and they were such fun - mind you they are only 5x7 inches - but small things are beautiful too!!

Mothers.....This is a gorgeous photo from a card

Given to Mels Collection

Mermaid (Cherish) - this was my first one - I like the colours

The brightest hues
Taken from the book - SHE

Given to Jenny A's Collection

Can't help a bit of tongue in cheek humour

I quite like this too - but some of the others I like much better

Off to do some larger pieces - I hope they work as well!

Thanks for looking

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  1. Carol... you know I adore these, they are so fabulous.