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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birth of a Painting

The birth of a painting is an interesting process and it takes a lot of work to get the work ready enough to display. I am working on three paintings at the moment for entry in the Canberra Show - so here is the process.

The painting is called Sentinels and it is taken from a photo I took when I was in Adelaide with my son Matthew a couple of years ago. It is the CBD at twilight, when the sun gives that glow that is almost golden.I took the photo from our apartment on the 5th or 6th floor and this is a representation of the view.

The paints I use are Jo Sonyas - they are great quality and not too expensive. I have also used papers, heavy gel, ink and glass beads in gel for a glow around thee trees - you probably cannot see that from these shots.

Here is the process

First the space and all the items you need including a large easle - this painting is 100 x 75 cm so it is large!

The buildings are drawn in pencil and the skiy and trees go in

the trees at the beginning stages

the sky worked with a range of colours

the building parts are carefully cut from paper and fitted like a pattern

lots of different papers are used (love some of these - my faves)

the paper is complete now for the shadows and definition

the buildings are darkened and highlighted and the road is painted in

The glass beads are applied to the trees, the cars are defined and the greenery along the road is finished
Now on to the next two paintings - I hope you enjoyed the process


  1. Carol this is absolutely amazing; it’s fascinating seeing the process from start to finish as it comes to life.
    Good Luck with it in the show.

  2. Wow dear Carol,jolly awesome!! I love how you have shown your steps, and I love the mixed media style...fabulous.
    Hope the show is fun too. xx