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Tattered Inspirations is a little business which aims to provide products with a vintage heart to use in your crafts - be it scrapbooking, card making or other crafty pursuits.

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The business is only tiny and is not in any way out to make lots of money but rather to offer products to compliment the usual supplies available by big companies.

The Design Team Rachel Walsh, Belinda Comerford, Kathy Marchant, Daniella Tassone and Suzie Lowe creatively use the products to show people what can be done - and I treasure their input and design work immensly.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

lots of new kits and some old ones - are back!

Last weekend I wasn't feeling well - so while I wasn't so sick that I ended up in bed - I used the opportunity to create some new kits - well actually 19 new kits that have been in the works for a while.... and some lovely new hat pin sets as I had 2 substanital orders I had to fill!

So there I was listening to the CD player, sipping my fave teas and quietly finishing off a mountain of kits I had started to prepare in May! There is so much in creating the kits I bring to you - I thought you might like to know the process.....
  • Firstly there is the competempation stage..... inspiration starts to hit big time - often it is working with pictures - going through my stash or the web sites I favour, finding an awesome print of ephemera, a lovely cameo or a new lace or ribbon - even finding some die cuts.....
  • Next I start to design the flower, or to dye the crochet motif so it goes with the source of inspiration
  • Then I collect my bits and pieces.... vintage ribbons and laces, ephemera, tickets, buttons
  • I make the hat pins and make sure everythign goes together
  • I print off the cards, put the kit together inot the package so it is gorgeous. And I print the sticker for the back
  • Once that is all done I photograph the kit, load to Etsy and pop the kits into the shop (into some sort of order!!)
So here are some new kits - some you have seen before nad loved - others are new....plus there are a lot more to come too - once our designers have done their layout I will load them for you and pop them into the shop..... There are some really fabulous products and I am sure they will hit the mark

So without further ado...

Tiny Wings Mini Kit $6

Postman Pete (a fave for the boys)  $6

A Little Beatrix $6

Toadstools and Butterflies Mini Kit $6.50

 Springtime Flight $6

Little Fairy $6

So pop into the shop, buy a couple and have a little fun with these... they are sweet and very good value a t $6 dollars - the cameo ones are a touch more expensive at $6.50 because of the cost of the cameo but I am sure you will agree they are worth the extra 50 cents!!

As Rachel, Michelle, Kate, Nicole and Ant use the mini kits I sent them I will load them onto Etsy with their wonderful layout too - and will tell you all about it here...... so I cannot wait to see what they do!!


Oh and a little bit of news - those girls going to the Scrap Girls Retreat in July will have the opportunity to buy my products from the LSBS shop ...... Cath has allowed me to supply her shop for the July Retreat - but be quick there is only one of each kit!!! And there are hat pins, And vintage seam binding - how cool is that!!

Lots of love

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  1. What lovely new kits & also some gorgeous 'oldies' Carol...I do love your ideas!