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Tattered Inspirations is a little business which aims to provide products with a vintage heart to use in your crafts - be it scrapbooking, card making or other crafty pursuits.

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The business is only tiny and is not in any way out to make lots of money but rather to offer products to compliment the usual supplies available by big companies.

The Design Team Rachel Walsh, Belinda Comerford, Kathy Marchant, Daniella Tassone and Suzie Lowe creatively use the products to show people what can be done - and I treasure their input and design work immensly.

Thank you for dropping by, we aim to encourage and inspire you to do something different out of your comfort zone, in new and exciting ways.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lovely comments make my heart happy

Here are a few comments that I have received lately.... thanks to you all for your amazing support .... my friends - I appreciate every single comment

Hi Carol

Just wanted to let you know I received my beautiful parcel today...

Omgosh I love that stuff.....thanks for the little extras too (you naughty girl)

I LOVE it all.

Thanks again..

Luv marg xxx

Hey Carol! Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the simply scrumptous ribbon! Picked up my mail yesterday and discovered your envelope had arrived!

TORE it open and drooled at all the goodies inside. Thank you for all the little 'extras' you included. LOVE the eyelet lace flowers, the trendy and shabby crochet piece, and .... silly enough ... the torn vintage sheet music! ALL of these are right up my alley and I'm so excited to CREATE something using everything you sent! Big hugs, hon! And, heartfelt thanks for your generosity! I want to take a photo of the ribbon to post on my silly blog! My 'peeps' will think I'm so cool getting hand dyed binding ribbon from AUSTRALIA!! hehehe

Not sure I'll have a chance to do it today or not. I've got a lot of 'business' stuff I must take care of. But, it will be a priority, you can be sure of that!

Thanks, once again, girlie! Absolutely LOVE it ALL and can't wait to use it up!

Big hugs!

Yes I found you, finally :)
Thanks Carol, your goodies are just gorgeous!!!
And when I get into scrapping again I will be sure to send you some piccies :)
And I would love a copy of your newsletter :)
Tracy x

ooh yay!!! Thank you!

I made 2 cards tonight using 2 of the kits - the knight and the fairies. I will post a pic on my blog tomorrow so you can see :) Gotta wait for the kindy glitz to dry. Very different for me, but I like them, all the same. Your kits are very fun to work with :)

THanks again Carol!!

Thanks Carol

Thanks for the refund

Sorry, I cannot help myself buying your products

They are just right up my alley when it comes

To scrapbooking I just like the old feeling

About them

Cheers Leonie

Yeah – I got a bit carried away with all the beautiful things you put up! Looooove the canvasses and the hat pins particularly. Didn’t want to not order them when I saw them in case they disappeared ;-)

Very excited about getting another beautiful parcel all for me! Thanks so much.

Cheers Rhonda

Thanks! I couldn’t go past Tinkerbell when I have my own Miss Tink here! I’ll have to do a frame for her room I think! Bec D

Dear Carol,
I recieved my first parcel yesterday and I cannot thank you enough! I love the way you wrapped the parcel up and it looked so gorgeous, I took a photo of it and then ran up the street to show my Mum what you had sent!! You were so generous... it was as though another whole kit was decorating the parcel!!
I am looking forward to a little time to play with all of these goodies, but I couldn't help myself, I already used a few flowers to decorate a fabric journal cover!!
Many thanks again! xxx Lisa H

So many lovely people and happy customers - I am so pleased you love what I do........

Lots of love


  1. Firstly I love the new shabby background!! As soon as I read the "ran up the street to show my mum" comment I knew it had to be Lisa!! Isn't positive feedback wonderful ..... and it's so lovely that these ladies have taken the time to let you know how wonderful your products and you are! You provide great customer service!!

  2. MWAH thanks Shelee - I am so loving this journey and making people happy!!