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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 new mini kits

I have been working hard with my vintage laces and ephemera lately to bring two mini kits that I am pretty sure that you will love :)

Rendezvous at the Seaside
With the Rendezvous Kits I write a little story to set the scene (and just because I am a bit of a romantic I guess)

Here is the story.....He had been at sea for over 6 years, but she had waited for his return. Before he left he gave her his grandmothers old pearl brooch which she had sewn safely onto a pale blue satin ribbon and wore it near her heart. Her little dog 'Yorkie' was with her the day his ship pulled into the harbour. Yorkie also had a lovely blue bow around his collar. There was nothing left to say when he saw her, and started running up the beach to where she sat waiting. 6 years was a long time, but it was over and a new start was about to begin......

Rendezvous at the Seaside
Full kit

See the pearl brooch on the pale blue ribbon

Lady in Red
The gorgeous picture of a very famous Italian opera singer Lina Caverli (from a favourite site I visit - the Graphics Fairy) really had me thinking about this lady in red. How different it was back then to now.... How different she would find things!

Lina Caverli

Lady in Red
Full Kit

Printed cotton ribbon and hat pin

What a day - I did well to get that all up

Don't forget - Burlesque Beauties is up on Saturday ... I will pop up a few sneak peeks tomorrow

Plus there will be a few mini kits coming soon and the "A Little Tattered" newsletter will be out for the weekend too

There is a competition that you will not want to miss......

Lots of love til tomorrow and the sneak peeks


  1. Wow your kits are gorgeous and love the story with them :) I just wanted to let you know I am the very proud owner of Raindrops, I LOVE it! As soon as my DS moves out I am doing that room up as a sitting/reading/guest room and that is where Raindrops is going to go :)
    Your work is beautiful and so professionally presented. Thanks for the extra goodies in the wrapping, it looks so beautiful I almost didnt want to disturb the wrapping.
    Thank you again. I am a very happy lady

  2. They are all lovely Carol.
    GUESS WHAT???? I got your beautifully and very generous parcel in the mail today.I think the postie was glad I wasn't hassling anymore..LOL...you can check out my blog for my post and photo.

    Thank you kind lady..xxoo

  3. Oh Mary - I am so pleased Raindrops has a wonderful new home - how fantastic to hear that you love it!!!! I thought of that lovely poem as I created it and was so happy to put it up for the Qld appeal.... thanks for letting me know!!!
    Hugs and love

  4. Thanks so much Melissa _ I love that you did this and I have had Katharine visit already and purchase some things - I have posted on your blog before I saw your note here.... so thanks lovely lady!!!!
    I am looking forward to seeing you at ST again... I am teaching again and looking forward to it - I have started to collect for the class! I love that bit
    Lots of love

  5. You are very welcome, and I am so glad you hae already gotten some sales out of it.Kate is absolutely gorgeous and I know she will love your pretties as much as I do, and will certainly make them look real good.
    Sadly I won't be at the retreat this year...I know, a long story.So bummed knowing you are doing a class too...Poop.Love your classes

  6. I will miss you at the retreat and thanks for that - I love teaching it is so much fun!!
    You never know - a Tattered Inspirations Retreat could be the go in 2012???? It is a gem of an idea at the moment..... still lots to think about..... :)