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Tattered Inspirations is a little business which aims to provide products with a vintage heart to use in your crafts - be it scrapbooking, card making or other crafty pursuits.

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The business is only tiny and is not in any way out to make lots of money but rather to offer products to compliment the usual supplies available by big companies.

The Design Team Rachel Walsh, Belinda Comerford, Kathy Marchant, Daniella Tassone and Suzie Lowe creatively use the products to show people what can be done - and I treasure their input and design work immensly.

Thank you for dropping by, we aim to encourage and inspire you to do something different out of your comfort zone, in new and exciting ways.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you

I don't know if I will get back to this today (as I start cooking and do things Christmassy!!) so I thought I would make some very well deserved thank yous....

Firstly to my extraordinary Design Team Girls - Rachel Walsh and Michelle Lark.


Michelle Lark


Rachel Walsh
Thank you for believing in my products enough to enter and win your positions on the Tattered Inspirations Design Team. Your work is absolutely amazing and so beautiful. I was delighted that these two amazing talented ladies have worked so hard and well with me over the past few months and they have produced such awesome quality work. Rachel and Michelle (Shelee) are on other Design Teams and I believe I am so very lucky to work with them.....

I am alos grateful to Sherry Mendoza and Mandy Dodd who have so kindly agreed to use my items on their work to spread the word about my products nad little shop..... word of mouth is so important to the shops success and I am very grateful that amazing people such as Sherry and Mandy can join in the fun from time to time - I do hope to ask other guests next year!!

Secondly to my wonderful customers
I have been blown away with the response of my customers to the Tattered Inspirations Shop on Esty and as I write this we are nearing 170 sales. I remember in July when I was excited when I reached 10 sales and that excitement still is similar today. I realise that there are many many shops to chose from where you can purchase your supplies, I am so grateful that you have chosen mine and have faith in what I produce and I am even more delighted that you love to show me what you produce. I totally thank you for your support, kindness and inspiration.

And thanks to my Suppliers from around the World
These little shops from around the world - USA, Malysia, Turkey, India, Sweden, China, Japan and many from Australia have assisted me in providing excellent quality goods which go into the kits either as purchased or altered by me. All of my suppliers have been so supportive to my requests and conversations..... you have been amazing. Thank you

And Final Thanks to my Family and Friends
I thank you for all those times when I asked and received your advice about what you thought about things.... how you gave me ideas and supported me. The girls who I scrap with in Canberra always have great ideas.....And thank you most of all to my husband Phil who is a very very patient man who puts up with me on the computer at all hours and making kits (often flying off after I have an new idea) in the burgeoning craft room. He certainly puts up with a far bit of mess which is the way I tend to work - and is my unofficial postie - walking up to the corner post box everyday to ensure you get your parcels on time!

This year as many of you know has been a tough one on several fronts for me - and my Tattered Inspirations Shop has given me space to explore my creativity in a new way - but most of all it has allowed me to get to know you too.

So with all my heart I thank you for you support this year, and I look forward to the creative journey next year as I continue to make kits and things that add interest and dimension to the items you create. I love to see the amazing work you have done and as I blog hop I often say to myself - I made those hat pins, or flower, or cabochons - it gives me so much joy!!

So as a little gift to you - I am offering a 15% off sale on Boxing Day to say thanks - the details are below

With lots of love and a very Happy Christmas

Carol Mead
Tattered Inspirations


  1. Thank you Carol. It is an absolute pleasure to work with you and create with your gorgeous kits and products. They are so unique - a testament to your creativity!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to to more exciting new kits and products to create with in 2011! I love being on your Design Team!

    Love Shelee :)

  2. thanks sweetie we are certainly having fun with this and it hasn't stopped yet.... looking forward to an awesome year in 2011 ..... what a great time we will have.

    So glad you are on my DT - it is such fun!!