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The business is only tiny and is not in any way out to make lots of money but rather to offer products to compliment the usual supplies available by big companies.

The Design Team Rachel Walsh, Belinda Comerford, Kathy Marchant, Daniella Tassone and Suzie Lowe creatively use the products to show people what can be done - and I treasure their input and design work immensly.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clever Deb and Leonie

Deb Clark and Leonie Vellender are two lovely ladies who have purchased some of my products from the Tattered Inspirations Etsy Shop

I love seeing what people create and always hope and even ask people to let me see their creations - and I am delighted to say that they both emailed me a day or so ago with photos of these gorgeous creations

I asked them both if I could share - and they were happy to say yes...... I am so lucky that people are so happy to share their talent with us - and to tell others about the kits (word oof mouth is so amazing and really helps me to sell my kits to those who love to create with them - but would not know about them unless you let them know.

This is what Deb says

Hi Carol, Your lovely parcel arrived yesterday & I have used some of My Fair Lady on one LO for LSBS & then a few little bits on another... I really love your kits & thank you for them. Cheers, Deb Clark

So without further ado (what is an ado anyway??) .........

From Deb Clark

I'm okay, I'm Alright
Layout by Deb Clark
Using 'My Fair Lady Vintage Kit'

Layout by Deb Clark
Using vintage Cabochon, country flower, packaging string and vintage lace motif

And from Leonie Vellender

Layout by Leonie Vellender
Using Shabby Chic Kit
(don't you just love that stitching)

Layout by Leonie Vellender
Using 'Cameos and Pearls Vintage Kit'

We Remember
Layout by Leonie Vellender
Using 'My Fathers Lifetime Vintage Kit'

As a creator of Scrapping Kits I really try to create things I would love to use myself (and I do create with them when I have time!). I love the way everyone uses the kits in different ways, how they use their own touches to create something so unique and most of all how people love to share!

So if you let me, I love to receive creations for my blog and facebook, using Tattered Inspirations products...... please don't be shy - your creations are just gorgeous and I am so happy to share your talent..... that they include some of the things I have put my love into creating makes them all the more special I think!

Tomorrow - I have something from Shelee but for now - please enjoy Deb and Leonie's work and send them a little love!



  1. Oh ladies you have done a superb job with the kits. These LOs are totally fabulous! Well done and thanks for sharing them!!

    Luv Shelee :)

  2. Thank you Carol for popping my LO's on your blog...I am very chuffed you thought they warranted a viewing.
    I adore Leonie's work & these LO's are no exception..'We Remember' is just my very fave.
    Merry Christmas to you Carol & your family, may your share lots of love & laughter. xxx

  3. thanks gilrs I love them all so much and am so happy that you love these kits