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Tattered Inspirations is a little business which aims to provide products with a vintage heart to use in your crafts - be it scrapbooking, card making or other crafty pursuits.

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The business is only tiny and is not in any way out to make lots of money but rather to offer products to compliment the usual supplies available by big companies.

The Design Team Rachel Walsh, Belinda Comerford, Kathy Marchant, Daniella Tassone and Suzie Lowe creatively use the products to show people what can be done - and I treasure their input and design work immensly.

Thank you for dropping by, we aim to encourage and inspire you to do something different out of your comfort zone, in new and exciting ways.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy uploading watercolour prints

Hi everyone

What a busy time I am having as I learn to do the Etsy thing....... I have loaded 10 prints for sale.... some watercolours that I really enjoyed painting in A4 size..... please have a look and tell me what you think! My link to etsy; Tatteredinspirations

It is a pretty user friendly place but there are some tricks of the trade to learn - like size of images and how to make things work to get people to have a look.....

I am excited too - I have three people who 'heart' me..... oh makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I haven't sold anything as yet - but it has been just a couple of days .... so I am loving finding out all about it....

So these prints are now available (plus 5 more) on Etsy - I would love you to visit and tell me what you think.....



  1. These look wonderful, you are so talented!
    Just a couple of suggestions for your store -- in the US (where I live currently, originally from NZ) I don't think they use A4 paper, so they don't know what size that means and it's not easy to get frames/mats to fit that (so maybe you could offer some already matted?).

    Also, it's a good idea on Etsy to use up all the picture slots so people feel more confident buying online -- I would love to see an example of how the prints look matted and framed, how they look on a wall, and how you package them. For the magnets, I'd love to see a collection on a fridge (and it might make me buy more than one!)

    Hope that's of some use. I just hearted you!

  2. BEAUTIFUL watercolors! Thanks for the visit and comment Carol.

  3. that is really helpful so thanks - I will aim to increase my photos and offer matted art as well - just a few steps at a time
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Carol;
    I went to your Etsy and your prints are gorgeous... I also suggest defining the size of the prints other than A4 as I do not know what that is. I am from Canada and we measure in inches usually so if it says it is a 5x4 I automatically know what it is and could easily by a matt frame for it. They look beautiful though. I am thinking of putting some things up on an Etsy but I have never done it either, is it difficult?